Education pool is list of target groups identified for anti-doping education through a system assessment process.

ADAK’S education pool consists of:

  1. Athletes in ADAK Registered Testing Pool (RTP)
  2. Athletes returning from sanction
  3. National level athletes
  4. International level athletes
  5. Athletes in Universities and Colleges
  6. Other athletes
  7. Coaches
  8. Children and Youth
  9. Schools’ P.E and Games Teachers
  10. Athlete support personnel for athletes in the RTP
  11. Athlete support personnel for athletes returning from sanctions.
  12. Athlete support personnel for athletes in categories 3 to 6 above
  13. Trainee Athlete Support Personnel and their lecturers
  14. National Sports Federation Officials
  15. Medical Personnel
  16. Media Personnel
  17. Health and Fitness Instructors
  18. DCOs/BCOs/Chaperones
  19. Government sports institutions and officials
  20. Legal fraternity
  21. Any other persons as deemed necessary


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