Has over 25 years in Public Administration. He rose steadily through the ranks from the level of District Officer, District Commissioner and eventually Provincial Commissioner in the Kenya Public Service. He has also served as the Director General, National Youth Service and as Secretary Sports, Ministry of Sports, Culture and the Arts.
He was appointed to the current position of Chief Executive Officer, Anti-Doping Agency of Kenya (ADAK) in February, 2016 having benefitted from various trainings and collaboration meetings with other players in the industry, and exhibiting commitment for the development of integrity in Sports.
A volleyball player who has a diploma holder in security management and working for Kenya prison service since 2009. Her love for volleyball began back in primary school and she started playing at the age of 12years. She has been awarded the ladies volleyball player by Magharibi Michezo Awards. She has also participated twice in Africa Cup of Nations and awarded the best Libero in Africa and thrice in National league. Her highest international participation being Grand Prix and World Cup. Its her greatest desire to help and mentor young athletes to achieve their goals fairly and competitively.
A highly packaged and well rounded professional with enviable academic credentials in Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) from University of the District of Columbia (UDC), Washington DC. USA. She is a career Educationist running the reputable Mombasa Star Academy that offers Early Childhood Development Educational (ECDE) programmes, which also doubles up as a youth motivational and mentoring center.

She has served also as a Teachers Service Commission ECDE Coordinator in Coast Region for over 10 years. Likewise, she served as an ECDE coordinator and trainer in D.C public schools in Washington DC. USA. She is an entrepreneur and a daring investor who under takes risks as she is currently the Managing Director of two companies namely:- • Coxwell Express Limited Company – A Building and Road Constructor, Hilaa is also a philanthropist who doubles up her business interests by running a corporate social responsibility programme for youths in poor neighborhoods afflicted by drugs and criminal tendencies. She rehabilitates them by mentoring and counseling them through motivational speeches. She possesses unique managerial skills that enabled her to be appointed as a member of the Board of Directors – Kenya Ferry Services (KFS) and Kenya National Accreditation Services (KENAS) respectively

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