In accordance with the Anti Doping Agency of Kenya Rules as provided under Rule 14.3 on Public Disclosure, find below a listing of athletes that have received a sanction for anti-doping violations under the ADAK Rules and /or the Athletes International Federation Rules . For more information about a specific rulings please click on the pdf icon

NameSexSportViolationIneligible FromIneligible ToIneligibility PeriodDecision
SULEIMAN KIPSE SIMOTWOMAthleticsPresence of a Prohibited Substance or its Metabolites or Markers14th July, 201714th July, 20214 Years
JEMIMAH SUMGONGFAthleticsPresence of a Prohibited Substance recombinant erythroprotein (r-EPO)3rd April, 20173rd April, 20214 Years
KEN KIRUIMAthleticsPresence of a Prohibited Substance or its Metabolites or Markers21st July, 201621st October, 20171 Year 3 Months
SHARON NDINDA MULIFAthleticsPresence of a Prohibited Substance 19-norandrosyndrome and its metabolite29th April, 201629th April, 20204 Years
SHIEYS CHEPKOSGEIFAthleticsUse of Testosterone, Androsterone and Etiocholanone26th December, 201626th December, 20204 Years
FLORENCE CHEPSOIFAthleticsPresence of a Prohibited Substance Prednisone and Prednisolone5th November, 20165th November, 20182 Years
JOSEPH KARIUKI GITAUMAthleticsPresence of Endogeneous AAS/19-norandrosterone8th January, 20178th January, 20214 Years