In accordance with the Anti Doping Agency of Kenya Rules as provided under Rule 14.3 on Public Disclosure, find below a listing of athletes that have received a sanction for anti-doping violations under the ADAK Rules and /or the Athletes International Federation Rules . For more information about a specific rulings please click on the pdf icon

NameSexSportViolationIneligible FromIneligible ToIneligibility PeriodDecision
BEATRICE JEPKORIR RUTTOFAthleticsPresence of prohibited substances Heptaminol and Enobosarm4th June 2019

4th June 2025

6 Years

BONFACE MBUVI MUEMAMAthleticsPresence of a prohibited substance 19- Norandrosterone20th December 2019
20th December 2023
4 Years

FAthleticsPresence of a prohibited substance Androsterone (A) and Eticholanone (Etios)20th May 201920th May 20234 Years

M AthleticsPresence of a prohibited substance or its metabolites or markers in an athlete’s sample ( 19-Norandrosterone)

6th December 2019

6th December 2021
2 Years

JOSEPH MBATHAMAthleticsPresence of prohibited substance Erythropoietin (EPO)20th December 201920th December 20234 Years
JOY KEMUMA LOYCEFAthleticsPresence of prohibited substance Erythropoietin (EPO)13th October 201813th October 20224 Years
STEPHEN KIMANI MAINAMSwimmingPresence of a prohibited substance Amphetamine
20th May 2019
20th May 2023
4 years
IRENE JEPTOOFAthleticsParticipating in competition while on provisional suspension22nd September,201922nd September,20212 Years

LAZURUS TOOMAthleticsParticipating in competition while on provisional suspension12th September 202012th September 2022
2 Years


FAthleticsPresence of a prohibited substance prednisolone and prednisone

27th December 2018

27th December 2020

2 Years

MATHEW KIPCHIRCHIR KOSGEIMAthleticsPresence of a prohibited substance recombinant erythropoietin(r-EPO)15th September 201715th September 20214 Years

Presence of a prohibited substance stanozolol27th December 2018

27th December 2020

2 Years

EDWIN KIPROP KIBETMAthleticsPresence of a prohibited substance Norandrosterone7th July 20177th July 2021
4 Years
Presence of a prohibited substance Norandrosterone
11th December 201811th December 2020

2 Years
MARY ARENKWONY MAIYOFAthleticsPresence of Prohibited substance Norandrosterone

3rd September 2018

3rd September 2022

4 Years

WILLY KIPKEMOI ROTICHMAthleticsPresence of a prohibited substance prednisolone and prednisone

11th December 2018

11th December 2022

4 Years

FAthleticsPresence of a prohibited substance Norandrosterone

27th February 2019

27th February 2023

4 Years

JEDIDAH WANJIRU KARUNGUFAthleticsPresence of a prohibited substance Norandrosterone20th December 2018

20th December 2022

4 Years



Presence of Androsterone,Testosterone,Ethiocholanone and 5aAdiol all non-specified substances

2nd October 20192nd October 20234 Years

FAthleticsPresence of EPO

20th June 2018

20th June 2022

4 Years

MBody BuildingPresence of a prohibited substance furosemide

3rd August 20183rd August 20224 Years
BONFACE ONTUGA MWERESAMAthleticsPresence of a prohibited substance Higenamine20th July 201820th July 20212 Years
ARNOLD RAGOS SANYAMBody BuildingPresence of prohibited substance cannabinoids/9-tetrahydrocannabinol11th December 2018

11th December 20202 Years
Presence of prohibited substance Norandrostrone

4th November 2017
4th November 2021

4 Years
HILLARY YEGOMAthleticsPresence of prohibited substance Norandrostrone27th April 201727th April 20214 Years
VICTOR WACHIRA MIANOMAthleticsPresence of prohibited substance Erythropoietin (EPO)3rd July 20183rd July 20224 Years
PURITY JERONO TALAMFAthleticsPrecense of prohibited substance oxandrolone12th January 201812th January 20224 Years
DANIEL ROTICH CHEBULEIMAthleticsPresence of a prohibited substance Sulbutamol26th June 201826th June 20224 Years
DANIEL BIIMAthleticsPresence of a prohibited substance Norandrosterone3rd December 20173rd December 20214 Years
LUKA KANDA LOKOBEMAthleticsPresence of a prohibited substance Clenbuterol in the athletic's sample5th February 20185th February 20224 Years
LUKA LUBOWANMAthleticsPrecense of prohibited substance Norandrosterone and Noretiocolanolone28th January 201828th January 2022
4 Years
MICHAEL OGUNDA ODHIAMBOMBoxingPresence of a prohibited substance Cannabinoids /9-tetrahydrocannabinoid5th February, 20185th February, 20224 Years
PETER KIPTOO KIPLAGATMAthleticsPresence of a prohibited substance Clenbuterol9th March 20189th March, 20224 Years
SULEIMAN KIPSE SIMOTWOMAthleticsPresence of a Prohibited Substance or its Metabolites or Markers14th July, 201714th July, 20214 Years
JEMIMAH SUMGONGFAthleticsPresence of a Prohibited Substance recombinant erythroprotein (r-EPO)3rd April, 20173rd April, 20214 Years
SHIEYS CHEPKOSGEIFAthleticsUse of Testosterone, Androsterone and Etiocholanone26th December, 201626th December, 20204 Years
JOSEPH KARIUKI GITAUMAthleticsPresence of Endogeneous AAS/19-norandrosterone8th January, 20178th January, 20214 Years
BENJAMIN NGADU NDEGWAMAthleticsPresence of a prohibited
substance 19- norandrosyndrone and its metabolite
13th April 201713th April 20214years
SALLY CHELAGAT KIPYEGOFAthleticsPresence of 19-norandrosterone29th March 201729th March 20214Years
EDWIN KIPYEGOMAthleticsPresence of a prohibited substance Erythropoietin(EPO)7th July 20177th July 20214 Years
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