Submit Your Whereabouts

Whereabouts is an important part of ADAK testing program which enables the Agency to test athletes in the Registered Testing Pool (RTP) when not competing without any advance notice all year round.  Whereabouts information include dates, times, location this allows an athlete to be located for out-of-competition testing.

Registered Testing Pool athletes are required to provide their whereabouts information on the World Anti-Doping Agency’s Administration and Management System (ADAMS).

ADAMS is an online tool with a range of enhancements that makes it easier for athletes to enter, view and change their whereabouts information. This includes giving the athlete, or their nominated representative, the ability to interact with ADAMS on computers or smart phones

Whereabouts information that needs to be submitted regularly is filled out online, and are due the last day of each quarter in preparation for the next. As a result, there are four deadlines for whereabouts filings:

  • Quarter 1 – September 30
  • Quarter 2 – December 31
  • Quarter 3 – March 31
  • Quarter 4 – June 30

Additionally, athletes must submit whereabouts filing information whenever regularly scheduled plans change.

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