Sarah I. Shibutse

11 Nov

Sarah I. Shibutse

Ms. Shibutse has a Masters’ Degree in International Studies (Development Cooperation) and worked as a Sports Officer at the Department of Sports, Ministry of Sports & Heritage for 18 years up to 2015 when she was seconded to the Anti-Doping Agency of Kenya.  In addition to her Masters, she also has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Community Development and has undergone various sports administration trainings.

Since 2015, she has benefitted a lot from various trainings and collaboration meetings through WADA, iNADO and other partners in the anti-doping fraternity.Ms. Shibutse has served as a joint secretary to the Anti-Doping Taskforce that was set up by the Ministry of Sports to investigate the extent of doping in Kenya.  She has also briefly worked at the Africa Zone V RADO and while there gained a lot of experience working with the various countries affiliated to the RADO.

She is committed to ensuring that athletes compete in a fair and level playing field and do so clean.

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